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Gary Nicholls gary nicholls photography

Close to 60, it would be easy to think ‘I should be getting ready to retire’ but life is over far too quickly. Living every day to the full means Gary works as a sustainability consultant during the day and artist every night and weekends. It is basically two jobs. This is what it has taken to bring this project to fruition.

Gary knew what he wanted to do, just not how to do it. Experimentation and a desire to learn, took him to Glyn Dewis. A photographer – retoucher, who showed him the techniques needed to bring his work to life. What this project means to Gary, is immeasurable. If you have something inside you that you need to get out, go and do it. Don’t wait, be selfish, life will not wait for you to make your mind up.

The Imaginarium Team

Peter Walton - props and gadgets, Julie Walton (Costume and styling)

Peter Walton – Prop creator and genius steampunk gadget builder. A constant collaborator, putting Gary’s and his own ideas into breathtaking reality

Julie Walton – Dress maker, designer and stylist. Julie is font of all knowledge in Victoriana and her costume creations are simply stunning.

The Cast Members

Eva Elizabeth Lovelace – Julie Walton
Lady Bella-Donna Evangeline Abernathy – Donna Sanders
Captain Mordecai Tobias Abernathy – Mark Sanders
Warren Donnell Abernathy, Frobisher Thimble – Tim
Raynor Hettie Feasepetrel Thornburgh, Martha – Lisa Ashbury
Regina Von Black, Cassandra von Black – Louise Brannan
Corvus Von Black – Joanne Appleyard
Lord Montague Belvoir – Montague Jacque Fromage
Sappo – Sarah Denning
Eve – Kelly Raynor
Lucilla – Emma-Leigh Flatt
Dr William Percival Stockdale – Peter Walton
Samandiriel – Laura Flatt
Tabbris – Adam Flatt
Rigny Wood – Adrian Appleyard
Elsie Devereaux – Karen Grover
Eva as a child – Molly Sanders

Special Mentions

Duncan NewhamFreesprite Media – video production
Kara Noble – voiceover artist extraordinaire

Adella Daw – Hannah Spring
Chrisalisia – Scarlet Butterfly
Billy Coggins – Christopher Simpson
Loan sharks – Carl Jones and Rebekah Davies
Miss Margravine Fermoy – Amber Maxey
Lord Daniel Askr – Dan Askr
Miss Atom Arkaya – Jess Stevens
Sir Albert Walden – John Hirst
Colonel Nathan Darnay – Steven Wilkes
Miss Katrina Latham – Rebecca Steel
Toff – Graham Brannan
Protégé – Hannah Ashton
Philippa Potts – Julia Scott
Rev. Potts – Andy Morton
Albert Abeline – John Birley
Dr Williams Batman – Mark Ashbury
Mrs Wood – Ruth Abraham